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AEM Events was born from a deep understanding of the domestic market’s growing for end-to-end medical convention and trade show organizers and marketing partners. Today, as the event management partner of choice for many, AEM shines bright with an array of top industry brands in its bouquet of clients. We remain in-tune to “what’s trending” in the medical conventions, events and exhibitions industry and are driven by an undying taste for the best. Our deliveries are a product of detailed aesthetic research on customer communications, subsequent experimentation, quality-focused production, and final implementations. A Distinguished Service Provider: AEM recreates your world with enhanced customer-to-business communications that are the perfect blend of productivity and your imagination. We are pioneers in trade shows and work with outstanding dedication to quality, and marketing assistance to deliver turnkey collaborative medical events and fairs. Award Winning Designing Aesthetics: Our homegrown designers are blessed with strong, contemporary aesthetics to breathe life into your vision of a successful medical event.


Expertise: Backed by years of experience, our professionals are qualified to source timeless expertise through A-class collaborations from across Indian and the globe. Our expertise especially lies in our potential to lead the trade fair organizing market holistically, from concept-to-completion – from developing a thorough understanding of the customer’s vision to the selection of raw materials, the final choice of compliments and accessories and rollouts. Your Business Embodiment: Our events will articulate sophistication, luxury, class, and statesmanship as you entrust AEM with the task of servicing your medical trade shows and cultural event requirements. Customer Expectations: Crossing geographical barriers, we bring to you the best deals and masterly negotiations that render the projects of your dreams. We look forward to deep-rooted business dealings that nurture trust among our clients. We do everything in our capacity to make your idea our next best project.

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