Event-based Software Solutions

At AEM, we take immense pride in being one of the event management companies in India that keep technology very close to their hearts. Tirelessly striving to be on the frontiers of the technological revolution in the domain of event management, at AEM, you can benefit from our portfolio of integrated and stand-alone virtual solutions for conferences and associations.


Special occasions to build your brand

Connecting with potential and current customers in unexpected venues can be a powerful way to build brand equity. But events and promotions are costly and complex, and they’re often turned over to agencies, where transparency is lost.


AEM offers the cost and administrative advantages of a more holistic approach:

Brand-savvy: Our marketing expertise allows us to embrace your brand message and convey it consistently. We’ll also make you aware of any strategic insights that we believe might enhance your event.

Cost savings: We examine every aspect of an event or promotion in search of savings opportunities. Our vast supplier network allows us to offer significant cost reductions.

Transparency: AEM provides complete visibility of the supply chain from end to end.

Detail-driven – Our specialists focus on the little details that can make or break an event, such as scenography, infrastructure (light & sound), photography, access control (security), logistics and printed materials.

Exhibition and Stall Management

Exhibitions are a great way to seek and strengthen connections and build trusting relations that are beneficial to your brand. It is also essential, however, that such events are curated with transparency and without any communication discrepancies between the two parties involved in the business.


So, we make deals in the light of complete confidence and honesty, pledge to remain transparent in our tasks and activities and create a wholly unique experience for our clients. There’s always doubt in the minds of clients, but we attempt to highlight our transparency by providing details and visibility of the supply chain end-to-end.


We don’t make any excuses, neither are we discouraged from any obstacles, and try to be cost-effective and creative, attending to little details and smoothing out any rough patches in the tasks.

  • • Conduct site inspection of the exhibit area
  • • Floor planning
  • • We have professional coordinators on grounds during and before the conference/ events who help the guests and try to solve any problems
  • • Audio and Visual presentations are made and represented in a highly watchable manner, and with top-notch graphics that enhance the viewing experience.
  • • Food and beverages from reputed caterers are provided to the clients and according to a pre-planned menu.
  • • The signage is also positioned at the venue, in a place so as to garner higher visibility
  • • Create sales and marketing tools
  • • Accept and process all exhibitor applications including invoicing
  • • Prepare and distribute exhibitor service manual and contract with decorator
  • • Act as liaison between exhibitors, vendors, committee, and staff